Fee's & What's Included


The Survey Stage


The survey will usually take between 45mins to an hour depending on your requirements and the size of your property. This can be carried out at a convenient time including evenings and weekends. Key external dimensions of your property will be measured.


The Planning Stage

– £550 For Single storey extensions & Conservatories
– £650 For Double storey extension

Existing & proposed drawings will be created which will meet all the criteria required for planning applications. You will have the chance to alter your plans before finally agreeing on the scheme. Once you are happy we will then submit the application on your behalf. The application fee of (approx £170) required by the local authority IS INCLUDED IN THIS PRICE!


The Building Control Stage

– £700 For Single storey extensions
– £900 For Double storey extensions

Detailed construction drawings that are required will be produced and submitted to building control.